Tuition Refunds

Students dropping from a course(s) by the end of the third instructional day of the semester* and no shows will receive a 100% refund of applicable tuition and applicable refundable fees, excluding the application fee. Refunds will be made directly to the student accounts for students who are paying their tuition and fees through financial aid. Students who have paid their tuition and fees through cash or credit card should allow a minimum of four weeks for the refund to be processed.

Students who withdraw from a course after the third instructional day of the semester* shall receive no refund of tuition or fees.

*The first three instructional days of the semester means: the first day of classes for the semester as listed on the ATC Academic Calendar plus the next two business days. To be eligible for drop, classes (including those that meet for the first time on the 4th day of the semester or later) must be dropped within the first 3 instructional days of the semester.

The student is solely responsible for submitting a Drop Form to the Registrar’s Office by the close of business on the third instructional day of the semester.

This “3-Day No Harm/No Foul” policy was adopted by the Technical College System of Georgia in April, 2008.

On the fourth instructional day of the semester, all courses for which a student is registered will become a permanent part of the student’s academic record and the student will be held academically and financially responsible for such courses.