Food Production Worker Certificate – FP21

(Stand Alone)

Program Description:

This Technical Certificate of Credit provides learning opportunities for students with special needs, which introduces, develops, and reinforces academic knowledge and attitudes in preparation for a career in the culinary field. As both an institutional and dual enrollment program, graduates and high school students are prepared to toward a career pathway in the food service/production industry. Teaching basic culinary techniques to students with special needs as it relates to the culinary field.

Entrance date:

Occupationally specific courses: Fall and Spring semesters

Program admission requirements:

Minimum Test Scores

ACCUPLACER – Sentence Skills 30
COMPASS – Writing 32
Reading Comp. 36
Reading 70
Arithmetic 23
Math 26

Credits required for graduation: 15

Food Production Worker Curriculum Essential Courses

Courses 15 credits

CUUL 1111Basic Culinary Safety and Sanitation


CUUL 1121Basic Principles of Cooking


CUUL 1128Basic Fundamentals of Restaurant Operations


CUUL 1371Basic Culinary Nutrition and Menu Development