Student’s Role and Participation in Institutional Decision Making

The Student Government Association (SGA) at Albany Technical College is the official governing body of the students and acts as an intermediary between students, faculty, and administration. The SGA is the primary avenue by which students can affect College policy and participate in institutional decision-making. Official recommendations by students regarding the policies, rules, and regulations of the College are made to the Student Government Advisor directly or through the Student Government Association. The recommendations are forwarded to the Senior Management Team for assignment to the appropriate cross-functional team or administrator. The Student Government Advisor nominates the students to be appointed to serve on standing committees, such as parking, library/media services, and student discipline. The Student Government Advisor nominates students to meet with the President every semester to discuss current issues, provide input in the operations of the College, and provide insight on students’ points of view regarding College concerns. Students can request special open meetings with the President or the Senior Management Team on issues or concerns; meetings are scheduled from the President’s office.

The Student Government Association oversees the allocation of student activities, fees, and monies received from vending machines, pay phones, club funds, and fundraisers. Students also contribute to decision making through input they give on surveys and evaluations such as Course Exit, Student Satisfaction and Awareness, Graduate Follow-up, Library/Media, and Distance Learning.