Student Accident Insurance

ATC student insurance coverage is handled through Borden Perlman. For questions concerning insurance coverage, contact the following:

Students (credit):

Vice President of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

(229) 430-3504

Childcare Participant:

Dean of Academic Affairs/Early Childhood Education

(229) 430-3537

Adult Education Student:

Vice President of Adult Education

(229) 430-2751

Accident insurance provides coverage for medical expenses related to accidents (accidental injury or death) as specified below:

  1. College - Time coverage protects students while engaged in college activities during the entire term.
  2. Travel - Traveling to or from the student's residence and the college to attend classes and as a member of a supervised group (not as a spectator) traveling in a college-furnished or chartered vehicle going to or from a college-sponsored activity.
  3. On the College's Premises - During the hours of the day when the college is in session or any other time the student is required to participate in a college-sponsored activity (not as a spectator).
  4. Away from the College's Premises - As a member of a supervised group participating in a college-sponsored activity requiring the attendance of the student (not as a spectator).