Parking Guide


The authority for administering and enforcing traffic and parking regulations on the Albany Technical College campus rests with the Campus Operations Department. The administration reserves the authority to make changes as needed in parking areas, traffic flow, and other changes as related to traffic conditions. The purpose of these regulations is to facilitate safety, maintain orderly conduct of the College's business and to provide parking facilities in support of this function within the limits of available space. These regulations are intended only to supplement the State of Georgia Motor Vehicle Laws, all provisions of which apply to this campus. These rules and regulations apply to all vehicles, which are self-propelled. The owner or person to whom the vehicle is registered is ultimately responsible for the safe operation and proper parking of the vehicle, regardless of who the operator may be.

"ATC shall have no responsibility for loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents while operated or parked on College property.”

Who must register their motor vehicle?

Each student (including full-time, part-time, evening) taking courses, and each member of the faculty, staff and administration of Albany Technical College must register any motor driven vehicle operated on campus. During the first five (5) days of each semester, new students are expected to obtain a parking decal from the Business Office and properly display it in their vehicle.

To register a motor vehicle:

Vehicles may be registered during the official days of registration at the beginning of each term in the Business Office. A vehicle registration card will be provided at the time of registration. All motor vehicles operated by students in connection with their attendance at Albany Technical College must properly display the required current decal. Parking Guides are available in the Business Office where decals can be purchased.

To secure an ATC parking permit the following information is required at the time of registration:

  1. State license plate number
  2. Descriptive vehicle information (year, make, model and color)
  3. Driver’s license number
  4. Date of birth and social security number
  5. Address (present and home)
  6. Valid student registration schedule


  1. Student decals are $12.00 at the beginning of Fall Term. Fees for decals purchased after the beginning Fall Semester are pro-rated as follows:
    Spring TermSummer Term
    $8.00 $4.00
  2. Decals are non-transferable and must be removed before the sale of the vehicle.
  3. In order for a registered vehicle to be in compliance, the cling parking decal must be affixed to the inside of the back windshield on the driver's side. The use of tape or any other adhesive to secure the decal is prohibited. Violators will be cited.
  4. Parking decals allow the operator to park only in specified parking areas during the hours of 7:00 am. to 10:30 pm. daily during scheduled classes and examinations. Parking is relaxed on weekends with the exception of ADA and yellow-curbed areas, which will be strictly enforced.
  5. The replacement fee for decals is $2.00.
  6. Temporary permits will be issued at no charge when a registered vehicle is out of order and another vehicle must be used for a period not to exceed five days.
  7. Employees or students with disabilities, either permanent or temporary, who operate a motor vehicle registered with the College, must display a handicap permit/license plate as issued by the Georgia State Patrol.

Parking Rules

  1. No parking is permitted within fifteen (15) feet of fire hydrants or street entrances to sidewalks or buildings.
  2. Parking on the lawn or driving on campus where campus streets are not provided is forbidden.
  3. All ADA parking spaces must be observed and are subject to state enforcement.
  4. Littering violations will be enforced.
  5. All traffic violations are subjected to the Traffic Codes of the City of Albany and the State of Georgia.
  6. Parking in service drives is not permitted. (rear access to Conference Center)
  7. The speed limit for campus is 15 mph / 10 mph for parking lots.
  8. Visitors' parking spaces will be strictly enforced.
  9. Motorcycles are not to be driven or parked on the sidewalks.
  10. Disabled vehicles are to be removed within seven (7) days after notification from the Campus Operations Department.

Persons enrolled in Continuing Education or Business & Industry training programs will be required to obtain a special parking permit through Continuing Education/Economic Development offices.

Note: It is the responsibility of the motor vehicle operator to find a legal parking space. Lack of convenient space is not considered a valid excuse for violation of any parking regulations. Rain or inclement weather will not alter any of the provisions of these regulations.

Vehicle Operation

All persons operating a vehicle on ATC property must be properly licensed at all times. ATC identification and driver's license (if available) must be presented when requested by ATC Campus Operations Department. Pedestrians have the right-of-way on campus except where traffic is regulated by mechanical devices. Under normal conditions, the maximum speed limit on campus is 15 mph; however, vehicles may not be operated at any speed that is excessive for the conditions, which may exist as a result of weather, traffic, congestion, pedestrians, etc. Traffic control signals, devices and directions of Albany Technical College shall be obeyed. All persons operating vehicles are responsible for maintaining control and safe operation of their vehicle and observance of traffic control signs, barriers and devices. All accidents occurring on campus shall be reported to the Campus Operations Department before the vehicles are moved. There is a charge for copies of accident reports.

Enforcement and Appeals

Albany Technical College parking citations should be paid at the Business Office (cashier's window) located in the Administration /Kirkland Building within five business days after issuance. Failure to comply will result in a one-time $10.00 late fee added to the citation. All persons receiving a parking citation are entitled to appeal the citation within the same 5-day time period of receiving the citation. The appeal should be submitted in writing to the Campus Business Office. If an appeal is granted for a citation, no payment is required. If the appeal is denied the fine is to be satisfied in the Business Office. Persons submitting appeals will be notified within five working days of the outcome. Failure to file an appeal within the five days forfeits all rights of appeal. In general, such circumstances as ignorance of the law, inability to find a proper parking space, late to class, or work appointment or financial hardships caused by fines do not constitute sufficient basis for the approval of an appeal. All fines not paid within the specified time become financial obligations payable to Albany Technical College. Persons who display a pattern of disregard for parking regulations are subject to having their parking privileges revoked for one calendar year. Persons arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will be towed and stored with a local towing service. Operators of vehicles that have been towed should contact the Campus Operations Office for information to assist with the release of the vehicle by the towing company. Excessive noises by car radios, loud speakers, faulty mufflers or cut mufflers are prohibited on campus.

Towing Policy

Certain areas on campus are designated as TOW ZONES. These areas include disabled persons’ parking spaces, parking along the curb. When parked in an area where the curb is painted yellow and the words "no parking" is labeled, a vehicle is subject to immediate tow. All vehicles towed from campus are towed at the expense of the owner. The Campus Operations Office will have the towing information on file.

Special Events

On special occasions, emergency parking and traffic limitations may be imposed by the Campus Operations Department.


Campus streets may not be used by any group, corporation, or persons for commercial use or advertising without proper authorization.

Color Coded Parking

In an attempt to facilitate parking on campus, color coded parking has been instituted to correctly direct faculty, staff, students, and visitors to appropriate parking areas. Listed below are the color assignments for parking decals on campus. The color-coding is indicated by decal, signage, and parking space.

White Indicates Visitors Parking only.
Light Blue Indicates Disabled Parking only.
Red Indicates Faculty/Staff Parking only.
Blue Indicates Students Parking only.
Yellow Indicates No Parking.

Listed below are the designated parking areas on campus. Please adhere to the assigned areas for your color-coded decal.

Prosperity Hall (PRO) Visitors, Disabled
Freedom Hall (FRE) Students, Faculty, Staff, Disabled
Nathanial Cross Health Technology Building (HCT) Faculty, Staff, Disabled
Artisan Hall (AED) (Side) Faculty, Staff (Front) Students, Visitors, Disabled
Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC) Visitors, Faculty, Staff, Students, Disabled
George M. Kirkland Jr. Building (ADM) Visitors, Faculty, Staff, Disabled
Child Development Demonstration Center (CDV) Visitors, Faculty, Staff, Students, Disabled
Center of Excellence in Information Technology and Electronics (CEIT) Faculty, Staff, Disabled
Facilities Maintenance (OPS) Visitors, Faculty, Staff, Students, Disabled
Logistics Education Center (LEC) Faculty, Staff, Students, Disabled
Charles B. Gillespie, M.D. Center for Emergency Responders (EMR) Faculty, Staff, Disabled
Carlton Construction Academy (CCA) Faculty, Staff, Students, Disabled
Randolph County Learning Center (RCLC) Visitors, Faculty, Staff, Students, Disabled

Permit/Decal Violations/Fines

Parking decal or tag not properly affixed. $10.00
Failure to display current parking permit. 10.00
Decal displayed on vehicle other than vehicle for which it is authorized. 10.00
Alteration or reproduction of parking decal. 10.00
Knowingly falsifies information on parking permit application. 10.00
Unauthorized possession of an ATC parking permit. 10.00

Parking Violations

Parking in a no parking zone, service and delivery zone, yellow curb areas, and crosswalks. $10.00
Parking in the wrong direction on any street. 10.00
Not parking within a marked space. 10.00
Blocking or obstructing traffic, street, dumpster, sidewalk, building entrance or exit, or another vehicle. 10.00
Double parking or backing into a parking space. Rear of vehicle must face driving lanes of parking area for decal to be visible to Parking Monitors. 10.00
Parking in unauthorized areas. 10.00
Students parking in faculty/staff or visitor parking areas. 10.00
Occupying more than one space. 10.00
Stopping, standing, or parking where prohibited. 10.00
Littering violations will be enforced for dropping litter in parking areas and on the campus grounds. 10.00
Parking in Disabled/ADA areas. 100.00

Property Violations

Defacing, altering, knocking down or removing any parking or traffic signal, sign or structure. $10.00
Littering violations will be enforced for dropping litter in parking areas and on the campus grounds. 10.00

Traffic Violations

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. $25.00
Reckless driving. 25.00
Speeding - Under normal conditions the maximum speed limit on campus is 15 mph. The maximum speed limit in parking lots is 10 mph. Vehicles may not be operated at any speed that is excessive for the conditions, which may exist as a result of weather, traffic congestion, pedestrians, etc. 25.00
Failure to obey stop or yield signs. 25.00
Improper change of lanes. 25.00
Driving the wrong way on a one-way street. 25.00