Acceptable Use Policy for Internet and Computer Access

Technology is an integral part of the infrastructure of Albany Technical College. Computers and computer network systems are vital to the institution’s instructional program both directly and indirectly. In addition, computer resources are used to accelerate administrative functions, aid in expediting the mission of the institution, enhance communication between faculty and students, and advance communication among faculty and students with the local, state and world communities.

Rights and Responsibilities

While Albany Technical College promotes the rights of academic freedom of expression and creativity, the user is expected to comply with the responsibilities and limitations associated with those rights. Users are expected to maintain the highest level of ethical behavior and avoid activities that are inconsistent with the mission and policies of the institution. Primary responsibility for maintaining high standards of conduct resides with the faculty.

General Rules

Computers and technology are intended for academic use or services to support the academic program at Albany Technical College. So that technology is used appropriately and effectively, usage is governed by the following rules.

  • Computers in labs and the media center are to be used for academic purposes only.
  • Users of the computer resources at Albany Technical College must comply with state and federal laws regarding privacy, libel, software licensing agreements, and policies and rules of the institution.
  • Users must not engage in e-mail and Internet activities during instructional time unless the activity is part of an assignment and supervised by an instructor.
  • Chat Room and Instant Message activities are prohibited in computer locations.
  • Computers in open labs are to be used only by currently enrolled ATC students who present a valid ID card.
  • ATC students and patrons from ATC Library Cooperative Agreements Institutions may utilize computers in the library. Currently enrolled students are required to present a valid ID card and other persons must present a valid Georgia driver's license and Student ID or library card.

In keeping with policies at ATC, children are not allowed in computer labs.